German Drugs Prices – Database in

This German Drugs Prices database includes all economic data (prices, package sizes, registered numbers for ordering, etc.) for all drugs sold in pharmacies in Germany.

The [] database platform supplies comprehensive information on release and billing of drugs common to German pharmacies. In this context, complex and difficult regulations and legal texts are converted into comprehensible overview exposés that make life easier in day-to-day business.

The stock list contains all information required for the distribution and billing of medical products and other products typical to pharmacies as well as pharmaceutical legal information and other packaging related data.

The German Drug Prices database offers economic information on German medicinal products.

  • More than 455.000 German original and generic pharmaceutical products´packagesizes  (Pharmazentralnummern – PZN)
  • sales information in detail
  • stocking advice, period of validity
  • drug storage according to §15 ApBetrO  (pharmacy business rules)
  • More than 4.200 German suppliers with postal address, e-mail, website as well as telephone and telefax numbers of certain divisions, for example order taking, medical-scientific information (Service-Lines)

The German Drugs Prices in a Nutshell

  1. prices
  2. changes in products
  3. unique packaging ID (Pharmazentralnummer)
  4. accounting modes
  5. legal demands
  6. information on packaging
  7. discount agreements according to § 130a Abs. 8 SGB V “Beitragssatzsicherungsgesetz“
  8. updated twice a month


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PHARMAZIE.COM is an international drug information provider for Health Care Professionals. It has been online since 1996, making it one of the oldest electronic drug catalogs in the Internet. It is reserved for medical specialists according to § 10 HWG (Heilmittelwerbegesetz).

The portal provides access to 25+ drug dictionaries listing medicinal and pharmaceutical drugs: drugs and active ingredients from 52 countries, as well as 1,700 medication-relevant diagnoses and 40.000 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.


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Periodic Safety Update Report (PSUR)

The objective of the PSUR is to present a comprehensive and critical analysis of the risk-benefit balance of the product taking into account new or emerging safety information in the context of cumulative information on risk and benefits.

1 September 2015, companies should use the xml delivery file for all PSUR submissions to the EMA via the eSubmission Gateway/Web Client websites

The PSUR XML delivery file for EMA submission is introduced to harmonise the submission mechanism for all PSURs submitted to EMA and it will apply to all types of PSUR and PSUR supplementary information submissions.

PSUR Substances in the “Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Dictionary”