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IDMP controlled terms

The Identification for Medicinal Products (IDMP) translating and converting tool for healthcare professionals.


Identification of Medicinal Products is aimed to improve patients´ safety in medication worldwide. With this standard becoming mandatory medicinal products will be described in the same language using the same controlled vocabularies by all stakeholders in healthcare.

IDMP Term Browser Client

The IDMP Term Browser lets you match your local data with IDMP at any point in time during your mapping creation process

Identify equivalent concepts in disparate terminologies 

Check the semantic heterogeneity of concepts required within different legislations

US: Aspirin
Europe: Acetylic Acid

US: lyophilisied or non-lyophilisied pulver (no differentiation between Injection and Infusion
Europe: Injection and Infusion (no differentiation between lyophilisied or non-lyophilisied pulver

IDMP Term Browser API

Automated data encoding via the smart and dynamic API, integrate disparate data sources in your data, check the semantic heterogeneity of concepts,

  • Speed up manual identification of equivalent terms and codes

Made for data managers, regulators & contract researchers

The IDMP Drug Dictionary helps you to detect your Medicinal Products´ Data.  You do not need to worry about encodings to external terminologies because all standard terms and codes are included.

Enhance the outcome quality of your clinical trials

Our IDMP Term Browser and its user-friendly web interface with a clear navigation structure simplifies the work for medical writers


These 5 standards are a major collaborative outcome addressing the needs for global identification of regulated medicinal products. IDMP requires information sent to regulatory authorities to be in a specific form for each country and language and coded with an ISO code for Substance, product, organisation and referential (SPOR) and for Product Data Management Services (PMS)

"We support our customers in their gap analysis. Typically our projects start with a webinar and an introduction to IDMP to create a common understanding of the project aim. At the end of this gap analysis it will be clear which data has to be worked on and by whom it has to be done."

Ursula Tschorn
Pharmacist and managing director IDMP1 GmbH
Member of the EMA IDMP Task Force

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