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Update from EMA on RMS Web-User-Interface – New Version is live

Further update from EMA on SPOR Web-User-Interface – New Version is live

(11. August 2017)

What is new in the SPOR Web-User-Interface

The EMA have published a new version of the SPOR Web-User-Interface . The Change Industry Liaison group (where IDMP1 is member in) has been asked from EMA to pass on to you the following notification on updates to SPOR: SPOR new version is released!

The update regarding SPOR  implementation primarily updates to registration, OMS and RMS.

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SPOR Web-User-Interface – new version general documents

EMA has published new documents on SPOR Web-User-Interface. Downloads are made available here in IDMP1 as ZIP-File.

Document Name Document Description Published Date Actions
About RMS Overview of RMS data, copyright information and legal disclaimer 19.06.2016
About SPOR Introduction to the legal disclaimer, copyright and other policies of using SPOR data. 06.04.2016
EMA SPOR user registration A powerpoint presentation describing the end to end process to register SPOR Web UI users 23.06.2017
RMS & OMS user on boarding Referentials Management Service (RMS) and Organisations Management Services (OMS) user on-boarding plan 12.07.2017
RMS New List Template Template to be used for requesting a new list or to update multiple terms in a list 19.06.2017
RMS Web User Manual A step-by-step manual showing the main functionalities available in the RMS web user interface 20.06.2017
SPOR API sample payloads Example of the use of API calls available in the OMS/RMS solution 11.08.2017
SPOR SLAs Service Level Agreement (SLAs) for the validation of change requests to update RMS (and OMS) change requests 27.06.2017
SPOR User Registration Manual Step-by-step manual how to register for EMA systems and request SPOR user roles 23.06.2017

Download EMA´s new version documents


Link to EMA´s SPOR Web-User-Interface