Nanokinetik focuses on development and implementation of medicinal product databases (ISO IDMP), tracking tools (RIMS), and document management systems (EDMS).
Our innovative web solution READY! is easy to implement and the end users like it.


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Nanokinetik´s mission is to help the pharmaceutical industry manage medicinal product information, processes, documents, and electronic submissions more efficiently and transparently.


  • ISO IDMP (IDMP Task force member)
  • Deep understanding of regulated processes (RA, QA, R&D, PhV)
  • Development and implementation of IT solutions
  • Computer Validation
  • Huge expertize in XEVMPD, more than 100.000 xEVPRM messages submitted


  • Delivery and implementation of ISO IDMP solution
  • Project management
  • Integration services (Documentum, Oracle, SAP, Excel, custom)
  • Data migration
  • Computer validation
  • Training & End User support

Nanokinetik’s approach to the ISO IDMP is to establish a common platform and interfaces to all relevant data sources in the company without the introduction of major changes in their existing IT environment. In this way, the implementation costs, validation effort, and needed time are reduced, enabling companies to meet the deadlines for submitting the data in ISO IDMP format.

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