Dosing GmbH – Safety for Drug Therapy

Since 2006, Dosing GmbH has been developing electronic systems that improve the safety of drug therapy.

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Originally spun-off from University Hospital Heidelberg, Dosing GmbH has been successful for over ten years in the area of drug therapy safety. With its AiDKlinik® product, Dosing GmbH provides hospital health care professionals (HCP) with an expert system for drug therapy.


Developed at University Hospital Heidelberg, AiDKlinik® is an electronic system that supports HCPs in hospitals throughout the entire medication process, from admission through discharge. AiDKlinik® also supports outpatient therapy through a certified prescription-printing tool. Tailoring of the therapy to the patients’ needs, e.g. renal insufficiency or allergy-related intolerances, is also automatically calculated to increase the efficiency of the therapy.

AiDKlinik® features:
  • server-based architecture for security, reliability, and efficient management
  • round-the-clock availability
  • continuous updates with current market data and central configuration management
  • configuration flexibility for hospital-specific requirements
  • intuitive interfaces (ease of use)
  • efficient operation (short search times)
  • comprehensive therapy information (product information, drug-drug interactions, dosage adjustment in renal impairment/failure, discharge summary, outpatient prescription printing)
  • a sound investment in patient safety and therapeutic effectiveness.