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On-boarding of users to SPOR data services (updated document)

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02 October 2018 version 2
Information Management Division

On-boarding of users to SPOR data services  (document published (02 October 2018 version 2))

In a Nutshell:

RMS and OMS data services were open to industry stakeholders in December 2017. Stakeholders were invited to start registering their SPOR users. As of today we have 604 Registered Industry Super Users and 336 Industry Users.

The registration of SPOR users is predominantly driven by the business process using the referential and/or organisation master data. The organisation in question should decide, depending on their circumstances (e.g. business process using the master data, organisational structures, etc.), how many users they need to register in SPOR.
This document starts with a brief introduction to the type of SPOR roles users can request, highlighting the role of the Super User and what companies should take into consideration when setting up user populations. The scenarios provided in this document may help you to consider the best options for your organisations.